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Nordic Destinations is a Minnesota-based tour and travel company that arranges travel for both consumers and travel agents. We specialize in independent and group travel to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Finland and the Baltic States. Our owner and staff members are either originally from Scandinavia, or have heritage from one or more Nordic countries.

Elaine Nelson Peik General Manager and Senior Nordic Expert of Nordic Destinations

Elaine Nelson Peik

General Manager and Senior Nordic Expert

I enjoy many aspects of the travel industry, be it personal travel and/or planning adventures for others. Experiencing new cities and countries gives travelers a different perspective on life, culture and opens their eyes to new thoughts and ideas. Over the past 10-15 years, the ways in which one travels has changed dramatically. The typical traveler who just wanted a bus tour now requests interactive experiences. Hiking, biking, cooking, learning a local handy craft, or doing a special project for a community in need. Every traveler has a different perspective on how they want to “see” the world. Listening and then catering to those wants and needs is the essence of a good travel provider. Working in the field of Nordic travel for over 18 years, this is something that I wish to continue.

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Mette Pedersen Operations Manager and Senior Nordic Expert of Nordic Destinations

Mette Pedersen

Operations Manager & Senior Nordic Expert

Traveling has been my biggest passion of all since childhood. As a Scandinavian native of Denmark, traveling and discovering new cultures and adventures in many countries has been fulfilling and very motivational. Enough motivation to make my love and interest of traveling my life’s purpose for more than 4 years as a Scandinavian Specialist and Scandinavian Director, as well as 15+ years prior in marketing, sales, health & wellness.

Being in the travel industry allows me to design and create your most memorable adventure exactly as YOU like it, whether you are on a romantic honeymoon in Finland staying in a glass igloo gazing at the Northern lights above; discovering cultural heritage on a boat ride under the beautiful midnight sun in Norway or enjoying an adventurous hike on a massive glacier in Iceland. My mission is to help our travelers make their dream vacations come true.

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Jan Vatsaas Schubert Senior Nordic Expert

Jan Vatsaas Schubert

Senior Nordic Expert

I was born with Scandinavia in my veins. My father is from Norway, and my mother is a full-blooded Minnesota Swede. My first trip to Norway at age 14 sparked a life-long interest. In college, I majored in Scandinavian Studies and Norwegian, lived in Oslo for over 2 years, and spent several summers in western Norway. My Swedish ties brought me to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Smaland and many points between.

Through various roles in the Scandinavian travel industry, I have been able to travel extensively, including two roundtrip voyages from Bergen to Kirkenes on the coastal steamer (Hurtigruten), and trips to Helsinki, Copenhagen, Iceland, and St. Petersburg, Russia. My passion for designing custom trips to Scandinavia is deeply rooted in my own rich experiences. Over the years, I have arranged trips for hundreds of clients. I love sending people to places I love, knowing that they will be impacted in lasting ways, because travel has a way of shaping us, challenging our assumptions, broadening our perspective, and helping us better understand both ourselves and others.

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Valerie Lancello

Outside Sales & Nordic Expert living in Stockholm

Coming from a Swedish immigrant mother from Sundsvall, I have grown up more Swedish than my friends in Sweden.  Since my first trip to Sweden at the age of 10, I have been hooked on travel and Scandinavia.  I have traveled extensively throughout Europe and worked in the travel industry for over 20 years.  I have lived for the past 16 years in Stockholm and love to show off my town to all.  I know all the hidden gems in this city and others throughout Scandinavia. 

 Working together with Nordic Destinations I am excited to help you arrange a trip to remember.

Christian Svensgaard Founder of Nordic Destinations

Christian Svensgaard


I have always had the travel bug. Having worked in over 30 countries and visited many more on vacations and I have a passion for adventure. Being fortunate to combine work travel with pleasure, I feel that it is important to get close and experience people from other cultures and walks of life. It is all about the journey and creating memories.

I was born in Denmark and have lived in the US for 22 years. Traveling back to my home country frequently, I enjoy visiting friends and family. We have even stopped in Iceland to visit some of my family that now lives in Reykjavik. My wife and I also spent a year sailing the Pacific and saw amazing places and met incredible people. Speaking of sailing, I am passionate about the sport of kite surfing, and Denmark is a kite surfer's paradise!! One of the best kite surfing spots is 10 minutes from the airport in Copenhagen.

My wish is that Nordic Destinations is a vehicle to feed YOUR travel bug by creating an amazing journey. Whether it’s kite surfing or visiting with family and friends, we want you to have the best experience possible. From the beginning of planning to the end of your trip!

Email: Christian@nordic-destinations.com

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