Faroe Islands

A place like no other on earth. An idyllic escape, peacefully set among lush green valleys, imposing basalt cliffs, grand treeless moorlands and waterfalls plunging directly into the wind whipped ocean. Unfathomable beauty, mysteriously tucked away like a figment of a child's imagination. The 18 volcanic islands which make up the Faroe Islands resemble a handful of rocks scattered haphazardly in the deep-sea ocean. Home to mountains of myth, hobbit-like turf-roofed houses and grazing shaggy sheep, these islands make up the perfect playground for your senses...Welcome to Faroe Islands!

Faroe Islands

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Uniquely Faroe

From $3705 Per Person 

Guided: 8 days/7 nights
Dates: June 8; July 10; August 9, 2020

Experience the Faroe Islands with a local guide showing you around the rich natural and cultural sights providing a real insight into the Faroese community. Experience the unique atmosphere, the serenity vs. the ever changing and sometimes harsh weather. The traditional way of life vs. the modern age, which seems to have taken the Faroes by surprise, leaving a charming blend of old and new. The tour will take you around the islands where you will spend your nights in three different hotels. This tour is an opportunity to get to know and perhaps fall in love with the Faroe Islands. 

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Faroe Islands

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Experience the Winter Islands

From price: $2449 per person double occupancy

Independent, Self Drive
6 days, 5 nights
Dates: October, 2019 - April, 2020

The Faroe Islands are becoming a more and more popular destination to visit and has over the last years made numerous “top 10” lists of places to go. Most people visit during the summertime but why not be an adventurer and experience the wild Nordic beauty in wintertime. The ever-changing weather will form the experience; you will see waterfalls flow upwards, spun into the sky as vortices by the wind. Surrounded by empty ocean, the islands are illuminated by an ethereal light. The sun shoots above the horizon. The sea changes from indigo to slate, pewter, then silver within seconds and at night there is a fair chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

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Faroe Islands

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Hike the Islands

From $3071 Per Person 

Independent, Self Drive 
10 days/9 nights
Dates: Days of the week vary June - August, 2020 from Reykjavik. 

The Faroe Islands are a dream destination for those who love nature and outdoor activities. It’s an exceptional place to travel in because there is no need to go far to experience outstanding, ever changing, stunning, roaring and serene Faroese nature. As much of the more rugged scenery is accessible only by foot, a great way to explore the islands is to hike around them. There are footpaths on all the islands, some marked with cairns which function as inland lighthouses to aid walkers’ navigation between villages.

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Faroe Islands

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Create your own trip to the Faroe Islands

Cost: Varies

Independent: You pick when, where, and what.

Have you been perusing our site but don't quite find what you are looking for? Here is a great opportunity to begin something completely unique! Click the red "custom form" button below and send us a request for a customized trip. Let us know what you want to include. Interested in museums, hiking on Mykines, birdwatching, or maybe experiencing a bit of heimablídni? Is traveling by car exploring on your own what you're looking for or is a guided tour more your speed? Cozy village hotel, or urban retreat, let us know! We will create a spectacular trip package based on what you would like to experience. 

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Faroe Islands

visit-faroes-kimberley-coole.k.jpgPhoto Credit: Kimberley Coole, Visit Faroes

All Around Experience

From $3680 Per Person 

Partially Guided, 10 days/9 nights
Dates: Sundays, June - August, 2020

To many people the Faroe Islands are an unknown destination which they have a desire to experience but do not know how to approach. This partially guided trip will help you approach the Faroe Islands in all their glory in a fully planned package which ensures you an uncomplicated journey and a pleasant and exciting first experience. Enjoy the unspoiled nature, history and traditions and easy going lifestyle. You will travel individually but have an outlined a program with local guides who will lead you on the daily tours around the islands. 

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Faroe Islands

22046730-1973737312886732-4114952828685334644-n-2.jpgPhoto Credit: Elaine Peik

Discover the Faroes

From $1866 Per Person 

Independent, Self Drive, 5 days/4 nights
Dates: Mondays from Reykjavik Iceland, April 1 - August 26, 2019
(other dates and rates available from London, & Copenhagen)

This is a great introduction to the still little known Faroe Islands. Five days with your own rental car will give you plenty of time to explore this North Atlantic island group. Experience Torshavn and sample the culinary delights the capital has to offer and enjoy the peace in the tiny village of Gjogv.

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Faroe Islands

rnafjall-faroe-islands-faroe-guide.k.jpgPhoto Credit: Faroe G.

Custom Hike & Trekking and more - in the Faroes

From $1500 Per Person 

Semi - Guided 4-8 days
Dates: Mid May - Mid September

Experience the Faroe Islands in many different ways. Use a car rental and explore the different islands on your own, or sign up for a scheduled hiking or trekking tour and have a guide take show you the Islands spectacular scenery, history, and culture. Within this custom package you can easily add experiences such as: Cooking with a local, dining in a Faroese home, or an in-home concert. Go fishing, take a boat tour of the bird cliffs, or use that camera and take a photography tour of Gasadalur waterfall, Bour, Tindholmur and Drangarnir. Your accommodations can be either hotel, apartment or home rental. You choose. 

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