Mette Pedersen

Operations Manager & Senior Nordic Expert

Traveling has been my biggest passion of all since childhood. As a Scandinavian native of Denmark, traveling and discovering new cultures and adventures in many countries has been fulfilling and very motivational. Enough motivation to make my love and interest of traveling my life’s purpose for more than 5 years as a Scandinavian Specialist and Scandinavian Director, as well as 15+ years prior in marketing, sales, health & wellness.

Being in the travel industry allows me to design and create your most memorable adventure exactly as YOU like it, whether you are on a romantic honeymoon in Finland staying in a glass igloo gazing at the Northern lights above; discovering cultural heritage on a boat ride under the beautiful midnight sun in Norway or enjoying an adventurous hike on a massive glacier in Iceland. My mission is to help our travelers make their dream vacations come true.

Phone: 651-204-1730

Email: Mette@nordic-destinations.com

Visit: By appointment only.

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