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Custom Hike & Trekking and more - in the Faroes

From $1500 Per Person 

Semi - Guided 4-8 days
Dates: Mid May - Mid September

Experience the Faroe Islands in many different ways. Use a car rental and explore the different islands on your own, or sign up for a scheduled hiking or trekking tour and have a guide take show you the Islands spectacular scenery, history, and culture. Within this custom package you can easily add experiences such as: Cooking with a local, dining in a Faroese home, or an in-home concert. Go fishing, take a boat tour of the bird cliffs, or use that camera and take a photography tour of Gasadalur waterfall, Bour, Tindholmur and Drangarnir. Your accommodations can be either hotel, apartment or home rental. You choose. 

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Date range: Mid May - early September, 2019

These are custom suggestions that can be combined together to create a custom Faroe Islands active, cultural, AND fun adventure.

Package pricing can include the following:


Round trip to/from Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Bergen, Edinburgh or a combination of them. Flights depend on the month and day of the week. Many US and Canadian travelers will want to utilize Reykjavik as a point of connection if possible. Nordic Destinations can help you plan your schedule so as to utilize this quick 52 minute flight form Reykjavik - Vagar.  


Vehicle rental:

All car rentals are picked up at the Vagar airport. Always best to book in advance as the Islands are small and there are only so many vehicles to choose from. Most vehicles are manual shift but can range from compact cars to 7 passenger vans. NOTE: If you do not wish to drive, we do suggest just spending your nights in Torshavn and doing the guided day excursions from there. Many listed below have pick ups right downtown Torshavn.



Hotel accommodations:

Possible in: Torshavn, Vagar, Gjogv, Skalavik, Klaksvik, Runavik, and Tvoroyri are possible.
NOTE: Hotel accommodations include private facilities in room, breakfast and taxes. Most sleep 2 persons per room, some larger rooms available to sleep 3-4 in extra beds or rollaway beds.

Apartment and summer home accommodations:

Possible in Torshavn, Sandvagur, Midvagur, Klaksvik, Sorvagur, Kollafjordur, Bour, Hvalvik, Gjogv, Tvoroyri, Frobda, and Famjin.

NOTE: Accommodations such as this are very basic and do not include items such as breakfast like Hotels include, but can sleep multiple people (great for families) and can include a cleaning fee. Why not combine hotels and home/apartment stays while visiting the Islands. 


Sample guided activities. Dates for these can vary depending on the time of summer:

Kongavarða – Tórshavn | Hiking:

Hike along a tiny river to the King Cairns (Kongavarda), the mountain at Argir. The hike is 3 km and about 1 hour each way, total about 2,5 hour. The view is beautiful. If the weather is good, you’ll see Nólsoy and Eysturoy and the whole city from the cairns.

Faroese buffet:

You will be served a homemade authentic faroese buffet in our home in Torshavn (Hoyvík) during the summer.

We serve many Faroese specialties such as the special taste of fermented food, which is called raest in Faroese, dried fish, dried lam “Skerpikjot”, whale meat, faroese sausages, faroese bread “drylur”, rhubarb dessert etc. You will taste around 10 different faroese specialties provided and prepared by us.

Miðvágur – Gásadalur – War Museum | Hiking:

The tour starts at 10 am from our place in Torshavn. Drive to Vagar and visit the old museum Kalvalíd, an authentic Faroese house from the year 1632. Hike from Midvagur to Vatnsoyrar on the old path between the villages. This is a light tour that takes about 2 hours.

There is a beautiful view over the lake Sorvagsvatn/Leitisvatn and the sea. In good weather you’ll see Mykines in the west and Koltur, Hestur and Streymoy in the east. Next, drive to the beautiful villages Bour and Gasadalur and enjoy the view over Tindholm and the waterfall Mulafossur.

Your tour ends with a visit to the War Museum in Midvagur before heading back to Torshavn.

Highspeed boat tour: Hestur - Kittiwakes and caves from Gamlaraett (Mon - Fri only):

This round trip from Gamlaraett in Streymoy to the island of Hestur includes sightseeing around the island. Your fast boat will move as near as possible to the birds under the cliff, Loftid, with a  vertical wall that measures some 1,200 feet. Hestur harbors guillemots, puffins, black guillemots, shags, fulmars and eiders. A couple of seal caves are there as well. If the weather is good, you also sail into the caves, Alvagjogv and Klaemintsgjogv. Current and wind directions decide which way you sail around the island. Boat tour is approx: 2 hours

Hoymabit In-home concerts at 6 pm (Tuesdays only):

Get invited in to a private home in Sydrugota for a concert, snacks and cozy atmosphere.

This is a new concept in the Faroe Islands and is very popular. The Faroe Islands are known for its great talent when it comes to music, and this is something you now can experience as something extra ordinary while visiting the Faroe Islands.

Experience the beautiful music, Faroese products and the nice Faroese atmosphere

Vestmanna bird cliffs:

The sound of the sea birds, the weather beaten formations and the sky touching the peaks of the cliffs.

The boat slides into the grotto and day vanishes for at moment. Darkness and the sound of dripping water and then suddenly back out again, on he other side - an indescribable adventure to be experienced. Boat ride is approx: 2 hours.

Sørvágsbjørgini | Hiking:

The tour starts at 9 am from our place in Torshavn or we can pick you up at the Airport at 10 am. We’ll drive 10 minutes from the Airport and then hike to the south side of Vagar, where we have a stunning view over the Sea Stacks called Dunnudrangarnir (Sorvágsbjorgini).

After hiking, drive to beautiful villages Bour and Gasadalur and enjoy the view over Tindholm and the waterfall Múlafossur. 

Please bring your own liquids/water, lunchpack and wear hiking boots. Tour is approx: 8 hours

Kirkjubour | Hiking

The tour starts at 9 am in Torshavn.  Hike from Torshavn to Kirkjubour. This is a light tour that takes around 2 hours. The view is beautiful over the ocean and you’ll see several islands during the hike.  On the way, pass Reynsmulalag, where political meetings used to be held in the past.

After this you have time to go sightseeing in Kirkjubour.  Visit the Wall, the remains of the planned cathedral and the st. Olav Church from the 1100's. A lunch pack will be provided for you. Tour is approx: 4 hours

Dine in a Faroese Home (7 pm on: June 11, June 18, 30 July, August 6, 2019 only. Or other dates by special request for private groups):

One of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling is tasting the local food. You will be served an exciting menu with the special taste of fermented foods, which is called raest in Faroese.

You will be served a dinner in an authentic Faroese home with a beautiful view. You will taste 12 different Faroese specialties cooked and prepared as it has been through ages. During the dinner, you will learn about the Faroese food culture, traditions, and how it was prepared.

Arnafjall – Heinanovan – Gasadalur | Trekking

We’ll drive from Torshavn at 9 am to Gasadalur and trek to the highest mountain Arnafjall on the island of Vagar. Begin trekking to Heinanovan and Arnafjall and enjoy the  beautiful view. On the tour trek and climb and it is quite steep at places. The trekking is 5 hours including enjoying and relaxing in the nature.

Please bring your own lunch pack, water, and most important have good hiking boots.

After the hike we will walk around in Gasadalur and see the waterfall Mulafossur.

Visit the charming village Bour (Vagar) and drive back to Torshavn (Streymoy) on the old mountain road. This tour is approx: 8-9 hours

Cooking with the locals:

Would you like to try Faroese food while cooking with locals and learn how to cook it in a Faroese home?

Get a fascinating experience by learning about the Faroese cuisine and get a hands-on experience by making the food in a cozy atmosphere.

During the cooking class, you will learn how to prepare fermented (raest) fish, dry fish, whale, fermented lamb (skerpikjot), bake unleavened bread and a rhubarb dessert.

This experience is for guests who would like to try to make Faroese food, learn about food traditions, and enjoy the food with others who sign-up for the event. The evening begins by making the food at 4 pm and enjoying the meal it 2-3 hours later with a stunning view of the ocean.

Slættaratindur – Gjogv – Saksun | Trekking:

The tour starts at 9 am from our place in Torshavn. Then we drive for an hour until we reach the base of Slaettaratindur, which is the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands at 882 meters high (2893 feet). We’ll trek up the mountain and if the weather is good, you’ll have a beautiful view over the landscape. The trekking tour is mostly on tracks and is at a moderate level. The tour is 3-4 hours.

After the hike,  drive to Gjogv, where we will eat a delicious lunch pack from us in the great gorge in Gjogv. Then walk around in the village and enjoy the nature and atmosphere. Next, drive to Saksun, the famous charming and unspoiled village.

After a memorable day, drive back to Torshavn. Tour is approx: 8 hours

Photography tour: 

On this tour you will see sights such as Leitisvatn, Nikurin, Bøur, Tindholmur, Drangarnir and the most popular waterfall of them all, Mulafossur. After leaving Torshavn, drive the old mountain road towards Vagoy and on the way. Make two photo stops were you will see the island of Koltur and the only prison in the Faroe Islands. Drive through the first subsea tunnel that was finished in 2002 and are now on the island of Vagoy. 

Travel across the whole island to the village of Gasadalur, were the famous waterfall, Mulafossur is located. Leave the bus and walk around the village, where there will be several photo opportunities. Visit the villages of Gasadalur, Bour and Sandavagur and on the way, make various photo stops, including the islet Tindholmur and Drangarnir.  Head back to Torshavn via a different route back making sure you will see as much as possible. You will be dropped off at your hotel in Torshavn at the end of the tour. Tour is approx: 5 hours


NOTE: To request a quote, click the red " Request a quote" above. Let us know which type of accommodation, activities, possible vehicle rental, and flights you wish to include.

Once we receive this along with your dates, a package will be created and a per person price for the ENTIRE trip will be created. No itemization will be given.

If you need assistance with booking your airfare to and from Iceland or other parts of the Nordic area, let us know and we will be happy to help you as well as pre and post hotels and activities in those areas. 

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