Faroe Islands

21766797-1973737292886734-7105240998200604372-n.jpgPhoto Credit: Elaine Peik

Experience the Winter Islands

From price: $2449 per person double occupancy

Independent, Self Drive
6 days, 5 nights
Dates: October, 2019 - April, 2020

The Faroe Islands are becoming a more and more popular destination to visit and has over the last years made numerous “top 10” lists of places to go. Most people visit during the summertime but why not be an adventurer and experience the wild Nordic beauty in wintertime. The ever-changing weather will form the experience; you will see waterfalls flow upwards, spun into the sky as vortices by the wind. Surrounded by empty ocean, the islands are illuminated by an ethereal light. The sun shoots above the horizon. The sea changes from indigo to slate, pewter, then silver within seconds and at night there is a fair chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

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