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General Information

Denmark is the Southern most of the Nordic Countries. Home to over 5.5 million inhabitants, this country looks small but packs a big punch in cuisine, culture and design.

Denmark inhabits the Jutland Peninsula as well as 400 picturesque islands in the North Sea, including the island of Sjaelland on which Copenhagen, the capital, resides. It shares a border with Germany to the south, but relates closely with its two sister Scandinavian countries to the North - Norway and Sweden.

The currency is the Danish Kroner, the official language is Danish and the national flag shares structural design to the other two but is unique in their red and white color identity

Travel to Denmark

There are many different seasonal experiences to be enjoyed. Various guided tour options take place during the summer season (late May to early September). A range of options include a relaxing motorcoach tour of architectural and cultural highlights including historic cities, castles, and inviting, beautiful beaches and shoreline, or, for the more active travelers, an invigorating yet accessible bicycle tour through Denmark's gently rolling and landscaped countryside and historical urban centers. With any option, during summer, there is little need to head to bed early; one can stay up and enjoy the midnight sun!
For a winter experience, Denmark, like its sister Scandinavian countries, decorates its public areas and homes with many lights and candles. The sun is at its lowest in the sky with short daylight hours so the Danes create a feeling of "Hygge" (a wonderful Danish term, loosely translated to cozy) all around. There are open air holiday markets and welcoming community celebrations. A frequent yet special occasion at this time are the Christmas table meals- also known as Julebord- held at many of the restaurants. Winter is quite a magical season in which to experience this friendly country.

Who Should Go

Families- Denmark is very child friendly with many open spaces. Danish children are encouraged to be outside! Summer, winter, rainy days, or snow storms: Everyone is dressed for the weather.

Foodies- This country is a culinary treat! Fresh Danish Baked goods and beautifully handcrafted open face sandwiches, locally referred to as smorrebrod. Tucked away little country inn restaurants are sprinkled around Denmark that take advantage of fresh locally sourced produce, dairy and meat. Sharing in this local largess are some of the best gourmet restaurants in the world, with an impressive collection of Michelin Stars (26 to be exact!). You will not leave this country unsatisfied.

Heritage groups or individuals- People who are seeking their Danish roots will enjoy experiencing the Denmark of today while seeking their Danish foundation. Whether they long to visit the family branch still growing in Denmark, or simply finding the family farm or neighborhood of origin, exploring from where ones heritage stems can be a tremendous experience. Reconnect on your own, with your immediate family or even organize an entire family reunion group for a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all your loved ones.

Active People

Bicyclists- Denmark is predominantly smooth and easy to explore, with over 10,000 km of biking routes. Exploring this country by bike is a great idea! Many of its cities have bicycle rentals for interested visitors and locals. The bike lanes are extensive and impressive, as many Danes use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. Over 40 percent of Copenhagen residents bike to work!

Runners- There are a lot of races around Denmark. The most popular one is the Copenhagen half marathon which takes place mid to late September. This race takes you through the beautiful city of downtown Copenhagen. It is a highly saute after destination race. Or, why not sign up for a running day tour. Our Nordic Experts can help you incorporate this type of sightseeing tour into your itinerary.

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