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General Information

Finland is located in the Nordic region just east of Sweden and west of Russia. It's northern borders touch Norway, Sweden and Russia. To the south is the Baltic Sea. Finland has only been its own country since the early 1900's. It has a deep and rich history with both Sweden and Russia. Both countries occupied it at times dating back to 1100's. When touring around Finland, you can see both of the Swedish and Russian Influences. Both in architecture, culture and language. Finnish is the official language, but many Finns speak both Swedish and Finnish. Or, Russian and Swedish. In Finland's capital, you will see public signs in both Finnish and Swedish. With a population of just under 5.5 million this sparsely populated country boasts beautiful forests and over 180,000 lakes.

Travel to Finland

Choosing when to travel to Finland can be as easy as what a traveler might want to accomplish. In the summer there are many great outdoor options to explore. With so many picturesque lakes and forests both in the south of north of the country there is plenty to do and see. This is the season for the Midnight Sun. In the northern part of the country the sun doesn't set for over 70 days. Why not try your hand at fishing or hiking in the middle of the night!
There are more Saunas in Finland then there are people! In winter, there are plenty of exciting activities to do such as dog sledding, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling. After enjoying the brisk outdoors and taking in the snow capped Fells, a sauna is the perfect way to end the day by smoke or steam.

Who Should Go

Outdoor enthusiasts- with so many options for activities in the summer and winter this is a great place to explore. Hiking to skiing to dog sledding

People seeking the northern lights- The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights are a spectacular sight to see. Northern Finland has many areas of the countryside that are far away from the city lights. Staying in a small village or cabin in these areas can make it easy to view the northern lights during the cold clear months. Why not try staying in a Lavvo or Glass Igloo. Our experts will be happy to help arrange this once in a lifetime experience!

Design aficionados- Finns have always had an eye for design. With the influences of Sweden and Russia, there are many spots around the country that display this design eye. From architecture to textiles to hand-carved wooden products. Helsinki has many shops dedicated to textiles, and not just Meri Mekko. The Sami culture in Northern Finland is also host to much of the beautiful textile design of their costumes as well as much of the wooden carved items to use at the table or during your sauna experience.

History buffs- Because of the surrounding countries influence for hundreds of years in Finland, the history runs deep. Exploring culture all over Finland gives the opportunity to see how Finland of today came to be. History of the Sami Culture in Northern Finland, history of the Swedish and Russian culture in the, especially in the southern area. The flavor of the architecture in Helsinki and surrounding area as well as the influence WWII had on the whole of the country. See how the country was reshaped and rebuilt in the years following. There are many great museums, exhibits and sites all over Finland that highlight these important factors that made Finland what it is today.

Photo credit: Visit Finland

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