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Greenland is one of the world's largest Islands with one of the smallest populations. With just under 60,000 inhabitants, this country which is governed by Danish rule, is a wonder for the eye. 

This Island consists of mostly fjord and coastal towns while it's middle is mainly a large Ice Cap. 

The currency is the Danish Kroner, the official language is Danish. The National flag is the only Nordic country flag without a cross, but has similar colors to the Danish flag which is red and white. 

Travel to Greenland

Getting to Greenland is easily done with flights from both Reykjavik, Iceland and Copenhagen, Denmark. Many of our travel packages include the flights from those two cities, as they can be tricky to time with available land accommodations and tours. Flights are all year round, but many only operate certain days of the week. Getting from town to town is also very different, roads end at the edges of the towns and cities so travel internally can only be done via flights, boats or, dogsleds! Yes, there are cars and buses on Greenland but they are only used locally. The local cruise line is used to transport locals as well as accommodate some cruise packages. Like much of the Nordic area, one can experience different things in nature depending on when you travel. In the winter the Northern Lights as well as snowy activities can be exciting, beautiful and refreshing! The midnight sun shows it's face in the summer as well as weather just warm enough to bring green and floral touches to the area. Great for hiking and or sailing on the fjords and coast to explore. 

Who Should Go

Adventure Seekers- There are a lot of active options for Greenland in summer and winter. Dog sledding, hiking, skiing or glaciers walks. 

Foodies- Greenland culinary scene is very up and coming. Using the local and traditional items such as birds, marine animals and game, chefs are combining those items with ingredients that are available from both Iceland and Denmark. 

History arts and culture- The Greenlandic people have their own history and culture which has been preserved and is still practiced today. Many locals still craft items from what is brought in by hunters and fisherman. Resources such as wool, shells antlers and bones do not go to waste. Carefully crafted jewelry, sculptures, national costumes and paintings are on display in local galleries and museums. Don't worry, some of these items can be purchased and brought home with you as a memory, such as jewelry or blankets. Some though, are just for the locals. 

Nature lovers- There is much to enjoy in the nature of Greenland. In the brief summer, many of mountain areas are in bloom with flowers, moss and herbs. The landscape is even host to a few trees! Glaciers and Icebergs can be seen all year round from some of the larger towns. Many of these can be enjoyed from the comfort of the cities coastal views or a day excursion by boat or drive on a glacier bus.

Photo credit: Visit Greenland/ David Buchmann

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