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General Information

Sweden is one of the 3 core Scandinavian Countries. It borders Norway to the west, Finland and Russia to the north. Denmark is just across the kattegut straight.

There are almost 10 million people in Sweden, and eighty-five percent of them live in cities. Sweden is a very multicultural country. Just under 20% of Swedes were born in a different country. There are 25 different provinces/cultural regions in Sweden. Each one has it’s own authentic traditions, language dialect as well as folk costumes.
Sweden has a deep history with it’s neighboring countries, especially in the south and north.

Travel to Sweden

Each season is a good season to travel to Sweden.


March – early May is a great time to visit. The number of visitors are low, many of the museums and exhibits are open and the flora and fauna is getting ready to bloom. Northern Sweden is already having early morning daylight (as early as 3 am) and there can still be snow. So, winter activities can go well into this season


There is nothing like a Swedish summer. Locals have Stugas (cabins) which they enjoy on the weekends. Relaxing in the outdoors is a great experience. Hiking in the forests and surrounding lakes, or why not bike along Sweden’s famous Gota Canal. Many people enjoy heading out to pick wild berries, or explore the beautiful archipelagos that line the east and west coasts of the country. Another great thing to experience in late June is Midsommar! Many local cities and villages have celebrations with maypoles, dancing and wonderful Swedish Smorgasbord at local hotels and restaurants. Swedes know how to celebrate the long days of summer.


Autumn brings the changing of the leaves as well as lower crowds if you are looking to do exploring of museums and castles and outdoors. The weather can still be quite warm into October.


Winter brings many activity options. Museums and exhibits are open year round so long weekends in they city are good to enjoy. Stockholm as well as many cities have open air holiday markets. Sample Swedish food and shop excellent handicrafts from around the area. Many outdoor activities are also available. Dog sledding snowmobiling as well as skiing are a few highlights. Northern Lights viewing is great in Northern Sweden. Why not make a visit to Jukkasjarvi in Lapland, Sweden to the ICEHOTEL. This is one of the original ice/snow accommodations in the world and they know how to do it. An experience like no other.

Who should go

Families- Sweden is a very family friendly country. The Swedes make it easy to travel with small children and babies. Buses and trains make space and comfort with baby buggies a no brainier. There are many travel ideas for families: The Swedish Author who wrote Pippy Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren has a great adventure park in Stockholm. Also in Stockholm, Skanen open air museum has many historic buildings and sites to explore. There are many lakes, and outdoor activities that are child friendly all over the country. Why not spend the night in the now famous Treehotel in northeast Sweden near Gammelstad.
Sami culture, similar to that in Norway and Sweden has it’s own identity. There are a great many options to learn about the Sami in Northern Sweden.

Foodies- Sweden isn’t just about Swedish Pancakes and Meatballs anymore. Culinary options are abound. Enjoy fresh seafood on Sweden’s west coast. Why not take a oyster or lobster safari followed by a meal! Or, visit one of Stockholm’s many restaurants in Gamla Stan (old town) or Hatorgshallen, a historical underground marketplace from the 1880's. There are so many choices all over Sweden to try different cultural and local food specialties.

Photo credit: Visit Sweden

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