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This page is designed just for you to fill out and send us what you are looking for. The more information you fill out below, the easier it will be for our Nordic Experts to create the best trip possible.

Whether you are requesting a trip you saw from our website, OR you want us to create something completely unique that fits your exact dates, countries you wish to visit, travel style and number of people in your traveling party, this is the best way for you to communicate those needs. We will respond within two business days.

NOTE: Additional components outside of the established trip package itinerary may be billed as “Custom Trip Planning” and will be discussed in advance with you prior to initiating travel plans. Your can read more details in our Terms & Conditions.

  • Do you need help purchasing your transatlantic air?
  • If you have clicked "BOOK THIS TRIP" from one of our existing trip packages and have filled out above information, please scroll to the bottom and click SEND. If this is a custom request, please continue filling out the questions below.
    • Which country/countries do you wish to visit?
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    • What type of tour are you looking for
    • Would you like to combine your escorted/guided tour with some time traveling independently before or after the tour
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    • What type of trip experiences are you looking for
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