Do not travel to the Faroe Islands if...

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Do not travel to the Faroe Islands if…

1. You prefer inconvenient travel connections.
The Faroe Islands are just a hop, skip and a jump from Iceland, Denmark, Scotland, and Norway. If you like convenience, but aren’t into hopping, skipping and jumping, there are plenty of flights and ferries.

2. You love a boring view.
The Faroe Islands are made up of 18 rugged volcanic islands. The total land mass is under 1400 square kilometers, but the scenery packs a huge punch. Volcanic rock, tall mountains, beautiful green valleys, mysterious fog, streams and waterfalls, sheep wandering the craggy cliffs and picturesque villages tucked along the shores all combine to make this a photographer’s paradise.  

3. You don’t like meeting people.
The Faroese people are kind, welcoming and ready to teach you their history and culture, from the Faroese traditional ring dance to the history of the churches and explorers to modern day life in this isolated corner of the sea. They will gladly share insider knowledge of birds and their nesting grounds, where to find the best hiking trails, and who serves the best food around.

4. You are a couch potato.
Hiking is second nature to the Faroese. Until recently, men, women and children went from village to village on their own two feet. That makes for a good supply of experienced and enthusiastic hiking guides, and the stunningly beautiful terrain provides the trails. To great hiking, just add the sea kayaking, cliff jumping, rappelling, snorkeling, and speed boating, and you have adrenaline à la Faroes!  

5. You don’t like to eat.
Faroese culture has revolved around foods that sustained them for hundreds of years. Fishing, birds, sheep and lamb are important dishes that are cooked to perfection in homes and restaurants all over the Faroe Islands. Some of the best restaurants for local dishes are located in and around the capital, Torshavn. One of our favorites: 
Experiencing "heimablídni" (home hospitality) by dining in a Faroese home is a special treat that Nordic Destinations can arrange as part of your travel package. But not if you don’t like to eat.

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