Portable pocket WIFI

Traveling to the Nordic Countries just became easier! Rent a portable WiFi device to use during your trip. Connect up to 5 devices per portable WiFi (or order multiple for group or family vacations). Great for GPS, smartphones, laptops and tablets. Use while out about in your vehicle or just roaming the city on foot. It fits in your pocket!

Order before departure and have it delivered to your first hotel upon arrival with easy return instructions. Nordic countries included on this program are: Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway & Sweden, as well as other countries Europe (see full list of countries in the link). 

Updates for US Travelers: You may now pre order pocket WiFi and have it shipped to your home before US departure (Travelers to Iceland must pre order for delivery in the US). 

Click the banner photo above to be forwarded to our Portable Wifi company. If you are having trouble finding the right information, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

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