Reservation Agreement Form & Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


US Citizens are responsible for verifying travel documentation is correct and up-to-date. For the latest updates, please visit website:

Non-US Citizens should consult the appropriate consulates for information on visas and other necessary requirements for the countries to be visited on your itinerary.


For travelers in need of assistance with custom arrangements, for example detailed trip planning that involves products, services and travel destinations outside our published areas, we request a consultation & custom trip planning fee of $150 before the trip is planned. The fee will be applied towards the trip, if it is booked with Nordic Destinations.


Changes made after a trip is confirmed - $25
Cancellations made after the trip is confirmed, as a % of the total package price per person:

The above cancellation fees are over and above unrecoverable fees from airlines and other suppliers. All changes and cancellations must be submitted to Nordic Destinations in writing.


Please contact Nordic Destinations, your travel agent, or your airline for specific airline baggage restrictions on international flights.


Frequent flyer numbers must be supplied to us along with your reservation, if air transportation has been requested.
Passengers are responsible for reconfirming their number with the airline upon check-in for flights. Passengers should retain
the passenger receipt of their ticket, plus all boarding passes for flown segments, in the event they do not receive mileage
credit from the airline. Please contact the appropriate airline for current rules and restrictions.


Air transportation unless specified, passport fees, any visa fees, all items of personal nature including laundry, wine, liquor,
room service, beverages, meals not specified in itinerary, or items not included in the tour meals, local transfers to/from
hotels unless specified, luggage handling (except at hotels on escorted tours), tips for drivers, guides and hotel staff. Clients
are responsible for any charges required due to voluntary itinerary changes.


Travel documents will be sent by email approximately 3 weeks prior to departure from the US. If requesting paper documents,
delivery will be by US mail subject to a $15 mail charge; if requesting express mail, charges will be an additional $15. Travel
documents will not be sent until the balance is paid in full and the signed reservation form has been received by Nordic Destinations.
Replacement documents are subject to a minimum $50 re-issuance fee.


Nordic Destinations acts only as agent for the contractors providing transportation, accommodations or other services. All
tickets and vouchers are issued subject to any and all terms and conditions under which transportation, accommodations and
other services are offered or provided and constitute the sole contract between the supplier and the tour member. Nordic
Destinations shall not be responsible in any way for loss, injury or damage arising from an Act of God, Acts of Governments or
de facto authority, war, civil unrest, any kind of hostilities, strikes, theft, sickness, quarantine, immigration or customs regulations,
hijacking, acts of terrorism, breakdown, delay, cancellation, error, omissions or any other cause beyond our control.
Nordic Destinations reserves the right to make any changes in the tour which it deems to be in the best interests of the passengers, in agreement
with the client. Nordic Destinations is released of liability for consequences of the personal activities of any passenger, who, as a consenting adult,
is deemed personally responsible for decisions concerning conditions of health, safety, fitness for any activity in which the passenger participates.
Nordic Destinations is not responsible for omissions in prices and programs.

Any deposit paid for a package offered by Nordic Destinations is considered acceptance and acknowledgement of prices, exclusions, conditions and responsibilities as stated above and releases Nordic Destinations and all of its agents and representatives from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, suits, debts, demands that you may have in connection with your participation in a Nordic Destinations trip or activity. Please retain a copy of all pages of this form for your records.

Disclaimer: To umlaut or not to umlaut, here's why we don't......Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of the Nordic Countries: past, present, and alphabet. If you find it strange that we aren’t including letters such as å and ø, don't worry, we know they are supposed to be there, we just choose an easier option for you and are increasing our SEO. If you are using those umlauts, bravo! We love using them too, and will use them in our final documentation for your trip!
-Tack så mycket (Thank you)!

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